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Who’s In Your Business Mastermind Group?

Where your business will be in the next 3 years will dependent upon who you associate with, what you learn and what actions you take…

If your goal is to join a business mastermind group with the top UK movers and shakers who’ll push you to new heights then you’re in the right place.  Announcing F12 Mastermind – A mastermind group unlike any other! F12 Mastermind is run by Paul Avins, a global award winning business coach, author and entrepreneur, who has over 12 years of experience helping businesses like yours to grow. By joining an F12 Mastermind group, you’ll be working with Paul and up to 11 other business owners who are all focused on one thing – Achieving outstanding growth Some of our members  include a dynamic art gallery owner, a top tax accountant, digital marketing experts, a golf club owner, sales training company directors, video marketing moguls, commercial property investors, garden design guru’s, new media moguls, care home innovators, industry leading bodyshop owners, software designer, best selling authors as well as seasoned MD’s are just a sample of who we work with in our Masterminds. Let me warn you! It’s not for everyone, and frankly, not everyone who applies is accepted, as this is for people serious about accelerating their business growth. But if you do manage to get in, you’ll be able to access some of the best and brightest minds in business today and make some powerful new contacts, friends and promotional partners. If you understand that success in life is about WHAT you know plus WHO you know…and Multiplied by WHO KNOWS YOU then click here to download the Free 10 Page Growth Guide

Fire Fighting

Do constant day to day problems get in the way of you taking the actions that you need to grow? F12 is structured to ensure that you get your time back, put fires out and get your business growing faster

Glass Ceiling

Is your business stalled? Frustrated that you can’t shift up a gear?  Time to get our proven Fast Growth Formulas and breakthrough to a new level of growth

Team Frustrations

Is your team more of a problem than an asset? On F12 we’ll show you how to use our 4 step TEAM growth system to double their productivity and your profits

Business Growth Success Stories

Aiden Meller Joined The Business Mastermind Group

F12 Success Story


Aidan Meller


Aidan Meller Galleries

“F12 will change the way that a would be entrepreneur will work because they have access to so many different types of strategy, information and again this mind-set thing. I can’t see now how that can be replicated in any other way in another business mastermind group, or any other online resource, it just won’t do it.” Read More About Aidan's Success

Roger Farrell

F12 Case Study


Roger Farrell Brookwood


Brookwood Accountancy

“Since joining F12 there’s more growth, more confidence and a better sense of what the future is going to be like in my business. I also have more ability to give other people opportunities which I really like.” Read More About Roger's Success

Business Mastermind Group Member Barry Grinham

F12 Case Study


Barry Grinham


Prime Energy Fitness Ltd

“In just a few months, we increased our prices by 30% and our sales by over40%. That massive growth is still ongoing.” Read More About Barry's Success

Rosemary and Neil Folker

F12 Case Study


Rosemary & Neil Folker


Norwich Chiropratic

“In year 1 of joining the business mastermind group, the most significant tangible benefit was our turnover went up by 25% on the financial year. We were 8% down the previous year and heading downwards and to go from 8% down to 25% up in the space of one year is a pretty consistent result. In year 2 our profits are up 100% and that’s huge focus.” Read More About Rosemary & Neil's Success

Sheena Marsh

F12 Case Study


Sheena Marsh


Oxford Garden Design Ltd

“Tangible benefits since joining the F12 Business Mastermind Group are the turnover which is up by 400%, the fact that we took on 10 people last year and are now looking for two more and a General Manager. By the end of this year that will be at least 14. …….. I can just go on holiday and we are still making money when I’m away.” Read More About Sheena's Success

Free Business Growth Check Sheets

by Paul Avins

F12 Coursework

The first step to Accelerating Your Business Growth is to look at exactly where you are right now across the critical functions of your business. In the F12 business mastermind group we teach our Clients to work across 9 Critical Growth areas…Strategy, Structure, Mind Set, Marketing, Sales, Service, Finance, Team and Systems. Within each of these are 3 levels; Foundations, Focus and Freedom. See how your business stacks up and download the FREE Growth Check Sheets by clicking the green button and selecting the one you want to start with… Download Your Free Business Growth Check Sheets

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