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As A Member, You’ll Receive…

9 Monthly Meetings
(Value £27,000)

We meet for 9 1-day meetings. At these you get trained in my Fast Growth System™ which has been battle tested over the last 12 years. You’ll also learn at least one £20k strategy from one of your fellow Mastermind members and there is always plenty of time for Hot Seat Coaching sessions to trouble shoot issues you may be facing that month.

Monthly One-On-One Power Calls
(Value £5,000)

I rarely do one-on-one coaching any longer, but I have Lesley carve out time for F12 Mastermind members so I can help you breakthrough one issue every month. So as a member, you’ll be allowed to schedule your 10x 20 min Power Coaching Calls.

F12 Mastermind Private Client Zone
(Value £10,000)

This is a member favourite, because this is where you can get damn near any question answered almost immediately by a member of the F12 Mastermind Support team or a fellow member. This level of access is so prized, that people say what they learn here often pays for their membership in full.

2 World Class Retreats UK and Portugal
(Value £27,000)

One of the unique elements of the F12 Mastermind is that we get away from it all for 2 days in the Spring in the UK and 5 days in the Autumn in Portugal.   (Terms and Conditions apply).

Fast Growth Academy Access
(Value £10,000)

Need information on a specific topic? Need access to Experts in Property, Want some deep dive training on a specific topic? Missed a meeting and want to catch up on the Growth Training?  Want to share the Expert member Training with your team to boost sales?

(Value £Priceless)

The group will hold your feet to the fire. When you commit to a goal at one meeting, you will be held accountable to that plan at the next. Trust us when we say you’ll only ever walk in to the room with “excuses” once! F12 Mastermind members are tough, honest (as real friends are) and they can smell B.S. a mile away. Just know, however, that they always have your best interest at heart and want to see you win.

Click The Green Button To Claim Your Free 10 Page Information Guide >>