Barry Grinham

F12 Case Study

Barry Grinham

Prime Energy Fitness Ltd

1. Explain what you do/your company does in 15 seconds

Prime Energy Fitness Ltd is the longest established fitness company in Oxfordshire. We are commonly known as the ‘pre-birth to box’ Fitness Company. Our clients include youngsters at the crawling stage to Octogenarians. We’ve been in the business for more than 40 years and are now going into our fifth decade.

2. What made you decide to join F12? What were you looking for?

I joined F12 solely to move the business forward, that was what I was looking to do and that was what I achieved.

3. What were the 3 biggest challenges in your business prior to joining F12?

The three biggest challenges I faced were confidence, business acumen and lack of marketing skills. Paul has been able to put me on the right road for all of these without a shadow of a doubt.

4. What specifically has changed in your business or yourself as a result of F12?

There was a quantum leap in my business after finishing F12. A number of things came out of my year in F12. We increased our prices by up to 30% and we still had massive growth and that massive growth is still ongoing. I thought the growth would have reduced a bit last year. However we’ve just done a half-term for our camp energy (action camps for children) and we still had another 10% growth on last year’s figures and I’m sure that has all come out of F12.

5. How would you describe the group to non-members (who may never have experienced something like this before)?

It’s a close knit group with massive shares both positive and negative. You go into a group like this and you think you’re the only one with your problems in business but once you start disclosing them you find out that other people in your group have gone through the same scenarios. The group then works together to give you the ways and means of getting out of whatever sort of hole you’re in. Also they can give you positive shares with regards to moving the business on.

6. How does F12 differ to networking clubs or breakfast club type group?

For a start it’s an intensive whole day experience which is really good. You can get down to the nitty-gritty while you’re there. You end up coming out with a ream of self-made homework and lots of a-has to follow up on that evening or in the following weeks so that’s the major difference.

7. What have been the 3 biggest breakthroughs/a-ha moments since joining F12?

One of the biggest breakthroughs for me was breaking my fear of increasing my prices. We put the prices up on both personal training and camps, and concentrated on giving more value and not giving discounts. On top of that we also began franchising my children’s activity camps. The way that Paul works by breaking down each and every element of the business has given me a much better understanding of the business model.

8. How would you sum up the tangible benefits to you/your business since joining F12?

For one thing there has been an Increase in profits. Also before F12 I’d never worked on KPIs but now on a regular basis, in fact every month we work out the KPIs so that I can clearly see the tangible and intangible benefits of the business. So much has changed since joining F12. I do so much more since I’ve gone through F12. I’ve finished the year but I’m still going through the notes two years on – I was on the first ever F12.

9. How would you sum up the intangible benefits to you/your business since joining F12?

I definitely outsource more, I delegate more, I take more holidays and I don’t get stressed by anything. The other thing that I hadn’t realised before was that I’d already built a power team around me. I’d never realised that they were such a resource and they’ve been around me now for 20 years. I just thought of them as friends, clients and colleagues but they are now very much part of the team. I also try and get as much out of my millionaires, multi-millionaires, film stars and celebrities as possible.

10. What value do you feel Paul brings to the Mastermind?

Paul brings passion, knowledge and experience to the group. We’ve got a pact, Paul and I, that if he leaves I leave. In other words if he puts another mentor into F12 I will go as well.

11. Some might perceive F12 as being a significant expense – What would you say to that?

I definitely don’t see it like that because as Paul would teach you, you make sure you get an ROI. I’ve done the sums and I’ve definitely got it back. I was only thinking this morning about the ROI on my monthly fees at F12 and I get them back every month easily.

12. What would be your message to entrepreneurs considering joining F12?

My message would be as in the Nike advert, ’Just Do It.’

13. What is the one thing you would share (or have shared) with the F12 Group which you believe is the most useful piece of advice you have given/could give? In other words, what has been the biggest secret to your success in business and how would you describe it in a way that others can use to benefit them in their own business?

In a nutshell, one thing I have shared and would share is to always give added value. I disclosed to the group that within my company we have a banner line which says ‘Give beyond your client’s expectations’. It was one of those wow moments when I said that in the hot seat – fantastic – so the group will then take that away and do it. I suppose there are many, many more things I could mention. Once you were in the hot seat there were some great shares and it was a good time to offload stuff, really get stuff off your mind or off your chest about the business. Members of the group would say that they were in the same situation and that they’d been there and done that. I always thought it was just me and they would tell me that this was definitely not the case and they were all in it and that it was easy to resolve. As I said I suppose the best thing to come out of F12 is to just have more confidence in myself and the business, to work well on all its finer elements and to just keep striving to move the business on. I find now, since doing F12 that I am helping people. One of my colleagues here in the office is just about to do the boot camp this weekend and I said to him that it’s all about investing time and money into yourself so going back to the other question about the expense of F12, I would say that it’s an investment in myself and the business. It’s all about investing in you and not enough people do that.

14. Anything else you’d like to add?

F12 is a great group experience, a great day with lots of learning and lots of teaching (and very good food at lunch time). It’s a very positive experience – I don’t know what the groups are like now but we went off for a training weekend in Spain and worked really hard all weekend and got so many positives even on our product staircase. Some of us came away with 56 new ideas for our business. You wouldn’t do that on your own, you wouldn’t do that even if you were sat in an office with a load of other people. It’s just that you go away and other people are firing good ideas at you about your business and it’s such a positive group.